Aligned Experiences


''I've had absolutely a life changing experience working with Dr. Nevin''

I was neglecting my relationships and experiencing tension with the most important people in my life.

I've been working with Dr. Nevin for over 6 months. Through the program, I learned how to harness my own communication style and avoid the defensive and reactive behavior that had become my norm. 

The results were immediate! Not only did I start having positive encounters with potential romantically, my relationships with my family and friends improved as well. 

- Sandra

''I can't even recognize the woman I am today''

Me and my partner were struggling to reignite the spark in our relationship until I discovered Dr. Nevin's 12-week program. Through deep, soul-level work, we were able to truly understand each other's childhood conditionings, and learn how to regulate each other's nervous systems. 

As a result, we connected on a deeper level than ever before and set better boundaries in our relationship. Now, we have a 5-year plan we both are excited about, and are integrating everything we’ve learned to live life to the fullest.

- Rebekah

''We absolutely loved working with Dr. Nevin''

What I loved about working with Dr. Nevin is how it helped me open my eyes to how I could be a better husband to my wife.  Since us working together, we've had more harmony and more expression of love in the partnership.  We now have tools and skills to help us.  If you're considering working with Dr. Nevin, just do it.

- Dr. Tim

''It was a game-changer for my relationship!''

I was struggling to have effective communication with my spouse. After joining Dr. Nevin's Aligned Woman program, my relationship did a complete 180!

Me and my husband completed the program together, and walked away with game-changing communication tools, giving us confidence to navigate any tough conversation that comes our way.

- Alex

''This was the journey I was meant to take''

Once I began the 12-week program, I began to recognize the same, destructive behaviors that were unconsciously appearing time and time again. After reading about the course online, I decided to take a leap of faith and register. 

I immediately began connecting the dots between my childhood patterns and how I was showing up in my current relationships. After doing the work to move forward in my life, now I am able to regulate my own nervous system, and control the bigger emotions that show up in my life. 

- Melissa

''We feel more connected to one another''

In the 14 years we had been together, this was our first experience with coaching.  One thing I would say is, Dr. Nevin is such a great listener and you can tell she really cares.  She puts the time in to make sure you have the tools and know how to use them.

- Michelle

''The way I feel in my inner world has completely transformed''

I was feeling stuck in my life and relationships after becoming a stay-at-home mom.

After my initial consultation with Dr. Nevin, I was immediately drawn to her welcoming demeanor and registered for the Aligned Woman program. My favorite part of the program was the pace of the instruction, which allowed me to slowly integrate new practices into my life from day one. Now, I have a newfound support system with the four course mates I completed the program with, and have the tools to keep living my best life every day.

- Kayla