Personal Coaching For Individuals & Couples

Learn The Skills You Need To Have a Fulfilling, Healthy Life & Relationship 

It genuinely brings me joy to see you living your most vibrant life.  After having worked with 1000's of couples and individuals worldwide, I've found that although we are all nuanced, everyone is looking for one thing: happiness.  When I'm working with you, we focus on how to create dynamics that you feel deeply fulfilled in.  You have many different layers to you, from your nervous system, your childhood blueprint, your communication & relationship skills, your own sense of personal life fulfillment, and together we step by step design a life and relationship that is fulfilling for you.

There's the therapeutic side of coaching, which focuses on relationship tools, communication tools, and equips you on how to manage conflict and stress. We also go deep into nervous system retraining, childhood patterns that still show up in the present, and inner-child healing.  And there's also the more ethereal side of relationship where we talk about you in the context of your spirit, your soul purpose, and how to expand in places where you've been contracting.


Before you decide on an ongoing coaching journey with me, first schedule a Breakthrough Session.  In this session, we will meet in a private online room, talk about your current dynamics, I'll teach you tools you can apply immediately & guide you into the next steps of your journey.  Towards the end, we can talk about ways to continue working together moving forward.

Are you experiencing...

Stress in your body?

A recurring argument with no solution?

Feeling like your needs aren't being met?

Defense mechanisms that leave you feeling exhausted?

Feeling like there's more for you in life but not sure where to start?

Having different communication styles in your relationship?

Feeling successful in areas of life, but still unfulfilled?

Feeling alone in your relationships?

No set game plan moving forward?

Burnt out or stressed out?

Meet Dr. Nevin Hussion - Holistic Practitioner & Personal Coach

Dr. Nevin has been working with patients and clients for the past 8 years, helping them improve their health & relationship dynamics holistically.  She has worked with celebrities, public figures, pregnant couples, and every walk in between. Gifted with an ear for deep & detailed listening, she works with the nuanced layers beneath the surface. She has her Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology with a focus on Child Development, a Doctorate of Chiropractic with a focus on Pregnancy, and Relationship Coaching Certification.  In her professional path, she's had one hand in the mental-emotional realm of healing, and the other in the physical realm of healing.  She practices a holistic approach to your healing, which means she looks at how all areas of your life are inter-connected and honors your individuality.

Dr. Nevin offers a very unique approach to coaching. Your challenging life situations can be one of the most beautiful grounds for spiritual growth and personal evolution.
Through individualized action steps, Dr. Nevin has seen amazing results.  She provides her clients with a special care plan to cultivate a healing experience that is unique to you instead of a one-size-fits-all approach. Through her unique approach, clients often experience higher levels of relational depth, physical health, and alignment in life than they ever thought possible.