The Couples Reconnect Workshop

Communicate better and strengthen your connection with each other by joining us at this transformational event for couples

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This Workshop is For You If:

  • You want to communicate more clearly and express yourself effectively
  • You care about your partner and want to safeguard and strengthen your connection.
  • You find yourselves communicating differently and want to get on the same page
  • You may leave conversations unresolved or you stay quiet at times to not rock the boat.
  • You want to make sure that your needs are expressed and getting met.
  • You to learn tools that you can implement right away
Rest assured, you will have your own private space to connect and work together!  You'll have your own dedicated table as a couple, with no obligation to share with the  group. 
Seats Sold Out!

What we will cover at the workshop:

Creating More Intimacy

Learn the foundations to creating depth & connection.

Safeguard your relationship from:

  • feeling misunderstood during arguments and ruptures

  • missing opportunities to create depth and connection through conflict

Communicate Effectively

Practice communication tools that you were never taught.

Learn the tools to navigate:

  • disagreements that stay unresolved for hours or even days
  • not feeling understood by your partner, like you're speaking different languages

Ditch Feeling Like a Roommate

Become a stronger team and determine your family values as a couple.

Without this you'll continue to:

  • not have a vision together and therefore you won't know which actions are a waste of time and which are in alignment with you
  • be on different pages, unsure of what you want to achieve together

Heal Together Somatically

Learn how to co-regulate and connect with your nervous system during times of stress to dissolve tension together 

No longer get stuck in:

  • being reactive and triggered because you aren't aware of what's happening beneath the surface
  • avoiding challenging conversations because you don't want to upset your partner

Meet Dr. Nevin & Patrick Hussion

Dr. Nevin and Patrick are a dynamic husband and wife team who join forces to work with couples. With a combined expertise in holistic healing, public speaking, and relationship guidance, they have become a beacon of hope for couples from all walks of life.  They've worked with celebrities, public figures, pregnant couples, and everyone in between.  Their journey from diverse professional backgrounds to becoming sought-after couples coaches is inspiring.

Dr. Nevin, a visionary holistic practitioner, brings a unique blend of therapeutic approaches to her coaching practice. With a background in psychology and alternative healing modalities, she understands that true transformation requires a holistic approach to emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. Her compassionate and intuitive nature allows her to connect deeply with couples, helping them unearth the root causes of their challenges and guiding them towards healing and growth.

On the other side of this dynamic partnership is Patrick, a TV personality & esteemed journalist who teamed up with his wife in helping people navigate the complexities of their lives. Patrick's charismatic presence and genuine empathy stem from his own experiences of overcoming relationship hurdles. Following his career as a journalist, he completed a couples coaching certification. Together, Dr. Nevin and Patrick form an impactful team, leveraging their skill sets to guide couples towards breakthroughs with their ability to bridge the gap between holistic healing and practical relationship guidance. Their approach remains unwaveringly rooted in empathy, respect, and a deep belief in the potential for healing and growth.

What Comes With The Ticket: 


DATE: Sunday November 19, 2023

LOCATION: Edgewater Hotel, Seattle WA

TIME: 3 - 8PM PST *please arrive at 2:45PM


Deepen your connection & understanding of each other at the workshop! 

These are tools that you can use FOREVER that you'll learn in only 5 hours with us... think about that.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to send us a message!
Text: 619-895-1880

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