Learn the skills to create better connection, enhance communication & prevent unnecessary conflict

For every issue, there's a skill that can be learned. Communicate & Connect is a relationship course that will teach you necessary skills, tools & exercises that will help you communicate more deeply, overcome conflict and stay connected


Alex, Port Townsend, WA:

"Learning from Dr. Nevin was a game-changer for my relationship. She and her husband Patrick provided so many tools. There's tools you won't learn except for from Nevin, she taught us so much and I'm so grateful."

Dr. Tim, Massachusetts:

"We've been together for several years and there were some roadblocks.  This has been so transformative and we now experience more magic in the relationship.  I highly recommend."

In just a short time, and at your own pace, you'll have skills that you can use forever... think about that.

Whether you're single or in a relationship, we all need to know skills that support a healthy, thriving connection.

The biggest mistake we see is people trying to do it on their own.  They end up having similar patterns, but with different partners.  Or having the same issues over and over with the same partner.  It doesn't have to be that way. 

Imagine being able to:

  • Tackle life without the unnecessary, unhealthy cycles.
  • Feel deeply understood and connected to yourself and each other; less like a roommate and more like an intimate partner.
  • Use conflict as a vehicle for connection & inner-healing.

Relationships take skills. 

You know you want a healthy love but...

  • Simple conversations turn into major conflicts... which I know is so draining on your mind and emotions
  • You get reactive and defensive... which leaves you feeling misunderstood 
  • You avoid certain conversations... making you feel alone even when you're side by side
  • You have conflicts that go unresolved... making you doubt how good your relationship can actually be
  • You have resentments between you... making you feel disconnected 

"Communicate & Connect helped us learn how to communicate, reconnect on a deeper level, and create genuine happiness between us."

Michelle, Alumni of Communicate & Connect

Communicate & Connect

A comprehensive relationship training helping you enhance your communication skills & create connection

A Step-By-Step Roadmap 

Get lifetime access to 20+ videos and walkthroughs in this proven step-by-step guided relationship development course

Partner Demonstrations

Gain insight by viewing Dr. Nevin & Patrick's demonstrations of the tools so you can gain real understanding into what other couples experience and how to use the tools

Worksheet Walkthroughs & Workbook

Over 65+ pages of exercises and worksheets that help you dive deep and gain even more understanding of yourself and each other

Learn at Your Own Pace

Complete in the comfort of your home, at your own pace. You will always have these modules to come back to at any time

Everything you need to communicate clearly, resolve conflict, and create depth & connection together

Transformative Tools & Skills

This course teaches transformative relationship tools, skills & processes that will help you create depth and understanding, avoid unnecessary conflict, and create a sense of ease between you. There are partner demonstrations of each tool, and in-depth walkthroughs to help you apply this to your own dynamic.

Some modules include:

Becoming an Active Listener

Effective vs. Ineffective Communication

Steps to Setting Expectations

Necessary Conversations (that couples don't know about)

Couples Conflict Agreements

Navigating Triggers

The Cycle of Harmony, Disillusionment & Repair

The Steps to Fully Repair

The Blocks & Gateways To Sexual Intimacy

How To Create Deeper Intimacy

Partner Bids

Getting Beneath The Complaint

3D's To Household Organization

Nervous System Regulation in Relationship


... & so much more

Madlyn & Jason, Seattle, WA:

"This helped us greatly! We seriously got more in just 1 our with your modules than we did in months of counseling. Everyone says to communicate in a relationship, but you actually teach HOW and make it so clear with the step-by-step exercises! The partner demos were so helpful and we highly recommend. It changed our life."

One-Time Payment


(Value: $995)

  • Lifetime access to over 20+ videos of relationship tools, skills, exercises & and partner demonstrations ($900 VALUE)
  • Workbook with over 65+ pages of thoughtful exercises and worksheets to support you ($95 VALUE)
  • Total Value: $995, for only $395

And there is more!

When you enroll today, you'll also get access to these awesome bonuses:

Bonus Module #1

Understanding The Masculine & Feminine Poles 

In this bonus module, we dive deep into the masculine & feminine in relationship and the tools that men and women separately respond to

Bonus Module #2

Real Talk Sessions

In this bonus module, you hear the behind the scenes of what real couples go through and how they overcome their challenges. These sessions offer depth and perspective for your own relationship

Bonus Module #3

Codependent to Interdependent: The 3 Stages of Love

In this module, Dr. Nevin walks you through The 3 Stages of Love, and how to move from codependent, to independent, to an interdependent dynamic


Meet your teachers

Hi, I'm Dr. Nevin

I'm so glad that you're here and you're open and willing to learn tools to support you and your relationship. After years of working with thousands of people worldwide, including celebrities, public figures, pregnant couples, and everyone in between, my husband and I created this program to support a healthy home life. 

What you'll find in this program has changed my life and the way I do relationships.  I've found if we don't learn tools, we respond with either fight or flight, or we repeat what we observed from our parents.  Throughout my journey, I've honed in my expertise through years of dedicated study and practical experience. I've always had one hand in the physical realm of healing, and the other in the mental/emotional realms. So in this program, you'll find a mix of practical relationship and personal development tools and steps combined with nervous system regulation to help you manage each other, and yourself, as life situations arise.  You deserve a fulfilling relationship and life together and I'm so glad that you're here.

Hello! I'm Patrick

Patrick is the co-founder and CEO of Aligned Enterprise, a personal development and relationship consulting firm dedicated to helping individuals and couples unlock their true potential for happiness and fulfillment. With his unique blend of expertise in public speaking and couples coaching, Patrick has become a trusted advisor and mentor for those seeking transformative growth in their personal and professional lives.

Before embarking on his journey in the realm of personal development, Patrick enjoyed a successful career as a news anchor, delivering news stories to viewers each day. Witnessing the struggles faced by individuals and couples as a result of many of these stories and events, Patrick felt a calling to make a more direct and positive difference in people's lives.

Patrick's approach to personal development and relationship coaching is rooted in his unwavering belief that everyone has the ability to lead a fulfilling and purpose-driven life. Drawing from his own life experiences, extensive training, and ongoing experience in the field of communication, Patrick provides practical tools, actionable strategies, and empathetic guidance to help his clients create lasting change and achieve their goals.

Join us! We can't wait to guide you through this incredible journey together 



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